DAY ONE: Wednesday 20 June 2018


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Welcome & opening remarks from the Chairperson


Lexi Wilkins, Director, Lexi Wilkins Consulting, People and Culture Development

9:00am CASE STUDY: How Crown Perth creates an amazing employee experience

Great employers focus on the entire, integrated employee experience, including HR, workplace and management practices. High-performing companies focus on enriching the employee experience, leading to meaningful and productive work.

  • What can the concepts of customer experience teach us about employee experience?
  • Creating programs, policies, initiatives that employees love to use
  • Creating a culture where flexibility, collaboration and creativity are nurtured
  • Technological solutions that enhance the employee experience
  • Do we need to rethink the roles, structure, programs and strategies that we use in HR?

Damir Kucan, Executive General Manager - Human Resources, Crown Perth



Being a frank and fearless adviser in the C-Suite

It's the role of the HR Director to provide the CEO and executive team with candid and pragmatic advice, even when the truth hurts. This session will explore the role of the HR Director as the honest truth-teller in a leadership team.

  • Being cross-functional and commercially savvy
  • Keeping it real - having courageous conversations in the c-suite
  • Balancing the benefits of achieving consensus with the dangers of 'group think'

Andrea Thompson, HR Director - Health, AsPac, Serco



Morning refreshment and networking break

11:00am LEGAL UPDATE: How to manage difficult employee exits 

Redundancies are one of the easier types of termination. Terminations for misconduct and persistent poor performance are slightly more challenging. But what happens when you want to terminate someone's employment for being a poor cultural fit or interpersonal behaviours?

  • What makes a good employee "good"?
  • Are your values and principles relevant from a legal perspective?
  • How to help line managers deal legally with cases of "bad cultural fit"?
  • When can you terminate an employee for interpersonal reasons?
  • Tips for keeping employment contracts tight


Big data: How CBH Group is using metrics to enhance strategic decision-making

Innovative, intelligent organisations are using complex analytical and predictive modelling to make insightful business decisions

  • Capturing, analysing and gleaning insight from employee data
  • Developing workforce insights and predictions
  • Balancing data-driven decision making with intuitive decision-making

Kelly McKenzie, General Manager People & Performance, CBH Group

12:30pm  Networking Lunch
1:15pm Answering the call: The business case for stronger diversity and inclusion programs at Bankwest

Most executive teams now recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion programs to strengthen corporate reputation, employee brand, employee wellbeing and innovation.
This session will explore:

  • Key industry metrics and benchmarks on diversity and inclusion
  • Securing leadership buy-in for diversity programs
  • Diagnosing, addressing and eliminating the gender pay gap
  • Addressing bias in recruitment, selection and reward and recognition
  • Embedding the principles and inclusion throughout the whole employee lifecycle 

Pam Spencer, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Human Resources, Bankwest

Fiona Smith, Executive Manager OD & Employee Experience, Human Resources, Bankwest



Case Study: Creating a future-ready workforce at RWWA


HR leaders are continually driving cultural change throughout their organisations. In this session, Matthew Thomas will share his story on creating a future-ready workforce.

  • Leading and building a culture of innovation
  • Communicating with and inspiring a workforce in real time
  • Managing and leading change whilst building resilience - personallym organisationally and through others.
  • Delivering high-impact, innovative workforce solutions and experiences that improve workers' lives

Matthew Thomas, General Manager, Human Resources, Racing & Wagering Western Australia



Afternoon refreshment and networking break


The art of agile HR leadership


In this age of emergent leadership, agility is one of the most important skills for business and HR leaders today. Being agile in our thinking, the way we work and the way we engage and manage change matters.

  • Tailoring your approaches to deal with disruptions, but create the right ones
  • Working with technology to deliver human friendly practices and opportunities that enable a culture of innovation
  • Helping employees build and develop emotional agility, resilience and optimism

Angie Young, General Manager People and Culture, Synergy Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation


4:00pm PANEL DISCUSSION: The future of HR: How can we capitalise on the progress that HR has made?


As businesses have been transforming and becoming more complex, the HR profession has been changing and up-skilling to help workforces deal with these changes. While great progress has been made in data analytics and change leadership, we need to continue to capitalise on our progress.

  • The future role of people skills in an increasingly automated workforce
  • Is traditional, transactional HR now dead?
  • What will HR's role be in the core areas of attracting, engaging, retaining and developing employees?

Adrian Robinson, Managing Director, Azure HR

Holly Barnes, People & Culture, Moodle

Sally Bradbrook, Manager Human Resources, Horizon Power

Crystal Murphy, Group Manager People, ABN Group

Sam Retallack, Head of People & Culture, Independence Group NL

Lori Tyrell, Head of People & Culture, HealthEngine

Joanne Woodfield, Managing Director, The Higher Mix


5:00pm Day one concludes

DAY TWO: Thursday 21 June 2018

8:50am Opening remarks from the Chair
  Lexi Wilkins, Director, Lexi Wilkins Consulting, People and Culture Development


CASE STUDY: How the HR team at Bethanie embraces industry disruption


As disruption transforms business across Australia, successful organisations, such as Bethanie, have learned to change and adapt quickly and embrace the dynamically changing career demands of their people.


  • Securing and galvanising support and investment for HR initatives in a dynamic environment
  • Real-time learning programs that prepare employees for rapidly-changing conditions
  • Creating an agile workforce and future-proofing HR strategies against industry disruption


Jo Christie, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Bethanie Group Inc.

Lynda Folan, Managing Director, Inspired Development Solutions



Managing constant change in your organisation 


As the pace of change in the economy accelerates, CEOs are increasingly requiring their organisations and HR teams to be more agile. How are employees handling such incessant organisational change? In this interactive session, participants will hone their skills in change management and change leadership.

  • Igniting an appetite for change amongst employees who are suffering 'change fatigue'
  • Creating an agile culture that can quickly adapt to changes
  • Bedding-down change through the stages of a business lifecycle
  • Dealing with change-resistant employees

 Tammy Tansley, Director,  Leadership and Workplace Culture


Morning refreshment break 
11:00am PANEL: Leadership insights from Australia's top HR directors

 In this panel, top HR Directors will share their challenges and insights into successful HR leadership.

  • What is the key to success in HR leadership today?
  • How is digital disruption changing the practice of HR?
  • How to lead, inspire, manage and engage a dynamic and rapidly changing workforce
  • Career development tips from HR directors who have made it to the top

Ron Pettit, HR Consultant, Wise Hat

Mas Bianchi, Executive Director, People, Culture & Brand, Communicare, Inc.

Megan McCracken, GM Safety, People & Corporate Affairs, Arc Infrastructure

Warren Wild, General Manager, People & Culture, Amana Living

12:00pm Networking Lunch
12:45pm Neuroscience and the workplace: why partnering with neuroscience makes perfect business sense

Since the inception of organisational psychology, scientists, HR managers and management theorists have been trying to define and predict the behaviour of individuals and groups within organisations.

  • What can neuroscience tell us about the way people work in teams
  • How reliable is psychology and neuroscience in predicting organisational behaviour
  • Tips for interpreting, analysing, and leveraging psychological insights to improve decision making

Dr. Jenny Brockis, The Science of High Performance Thinking


Leading organisational capability and workforce strategy in the public sector 

Here how the Town of Victoria Park is building a world-class public sector through its focus on people strategy.

  • Creating a diverse and inclusive values-based culture
  • Building internal capability for leadership, resilience and responsiveness to change
  • Expanding staff engagement and two-way communication across the department
  • Exceeding targets for diversity in senior roles

Graham Olson, Executive Manager, Human Resources & Organisational Development Town of Victoria Park


Afternoon refreshment and networking break


Advanced business partnering partnering for HR professionals 


HR professionals need to provide solid technical guidance with a calm, clear and consistent approach. As the recognition of the importance of HR increases, influencing skills have never been more important than today.

  • The power of influence - convincing managers about the importance of developing their people
  • Winning the trust of line managers and leadership throughout the organisation
  • Conveying messages with authority and persuasion

Anne Mclean, Director of Human Resources, Parmelia Hilton Perth 

3:30pm Tough conversations - balancing strength with empathy 
  HR professionals are trusted by management to handle difficult conversations with sensitivity and pragmatism. This session will involve practical exercises to build your skills in conducting challenging interpersonal discussions.
  • Handling emotionally-charged situations with professionalism
  • Tough empathy: The ability to have tough conversations while showing empathy
  • Tips for handling unexpected scenarios with combative employees

4:30pm Conference concludes


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