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DAY ONE: Wednesday 25th May 2016


Registration opens


Welcome & opening remarks from the Chairperson


Jodie Beeson, Director, Beeson HR Consulting

9:15am Turning high performers into excellent leaders

It’s true that often those that excel in their technical or specialist functions struggle when it comes to leading a team. Creating a culture of leadership within the organisation can assist those technical experts with the transition.

  • Helping experts shift from the “I" to the “we” of leadership
  •  Creating an internal culture of leadership and followship
  • What can HR do to build and enable leadership capability 
  • What can individuals do to create their own development experiences and opportunities

Tammy Tansley, Author, Principal of Tammy Tansley Consulting and Director of Help Me HR 


How can HR harness the power of technology to facilitate organisational success?


What does your talent management strategy look like? To stay competitive in today’s business environment, organisations need to engage with their employees to maximise potential across the whole workforce.  HR professionals have a key role to play in driving this and linking increased productivity to positive bottom-line impact. Talent management software can help organisations manage the challenges of finding and retaining high performers whilst getting the best out of their current workforce. ELMO will highlight how implementing a talent management solution can transform your organisation.

  • How to demonstrate the ROI of talent management software
  • What an integrated talent management platform achieves
  • What the key factors are to implementation success
  • Why location still matters in an online world

Richard Vatner, Business Development Manager, ELMO Talent Management Software


Morning refreshment break

  Utilise this opportunity to network with industry peers and share and discuss ideas from the day’s sessions.

11:15am Maintaining momentum beyond the strategy launch
  During the planning and launch phases of HR strategies, senior leaders and department heads are often highly involved and engaged. But how do you keep the momentum and stakeholder support going past the heady days of the launch?
  • Tips to keep managers focused on the grand vision and end-goal
  • Recognising and rewarding people who ‘live the strategy’ throughout the implementation phase
  • Critical milestones and phases of the strategy life cycle – and communication strategies to support these phases

Martin Wandmaker, Head of Human Resources, AHG

LEGAL UPDATE Unfair dismissal case law update: rescissions, redundancies and abandonment  

This session will review the implications of several recent unfair cases on standard HR practices relating to discipline and termination.

  • Can an employee resign, rescind their resignation then successfully pursue an unfair dismissal case?
  • Implications on Mahoney v Bechtel – how do you demonstrate that you’ve genuinely considered an employee’s response to an allegation of misconduct?
  • Abandonment of employment: Implications of Johnston v MTG
  • Mackay Taxi Holdings v Wilson: when will changing job competencies make a role redundant?

Anna Casellas, Partner, Clayton Utz

12:45pm   Networking Lunch
   Network with fellow HR professionals and visit the HR service providers in the exhibition area

1:30pm Communicating change: How to build excitement and buy-in

Change leadership remains one of the most important aspects of HR strategy and practice. While it may be easy to introduce a new strategy or process, it can be difficult in reality to ensure its successful implementation. Effective communication is often the key to winning hearts and minds

  • Engaging employees before, during and after the change
  • Finding the right mix between your communication channels
  • Ensuring consistency and alignment of messages to support a positive organisation outcomes & employee change experience

Ron Pettit, Regional HR Director, Intertek 

2:15pm  HR is not string theory – the art of keeping it simple

An excellent HR leader can translating complex HR concepts, strategies, techniques and  legislation into simple and digestible terms for managers and employees.

  • Getting back to the fundamentals of good management practice
  • Communicating HR strategies with precision and succinctness
  • What CEOs, managers and employees really want from their HR departments – and how to deliver it

Andrea Thompson, HR Director, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Serco 


Afternoon refreshment break


PANEL - Sponsored by Lee Hecht Harrison Western Australia


Tips and guidelines for successful restructuring
During a staffing restructure, tensions can run high and it’s essential for HR to step up and exercise leadership to guide the workforce throughout the process. A well-handled restructure can reduce the cost base while creating more efficient structures, effective processes and engaged staff while a poorly-executedrestructure can send morale into a nosedive.

  • Preparation- what you need to know before starting the process 
  • Communication – how to provide authentic messages to your workforce
  • Consultation – how much should you consult your staff without going beyond the minimum requirements?  
  • Leadership - how to alleviate the tensions that arise throughout the change management process

Jodie Beeson, Director, Beeson HR Consulting

Kiersten Gregg, Director, Blueprint HR

Peter James, General Manager and Senior Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison Western Australia

Kelly McKenzie, Group Manager People & Performance, CBH Group

Fred Troncone, Director & Consulting Principal, Abeecee

4:15pm Making people love HR: How to win supporters and influence leaders

In order to win the hearts and minds of your workforce, you will need to gain support, inspire others and persuade people to become HR champions.This session is all about communication and influencing skills.

  • Interpersonal, presentation, communication and assertiveness techniques that work
  • Partnering with, coaching, supporting key engagers of employees
  • How to take a consultative approach to winning support for a proposed HR strategy and associated initiatives and programs

Sally Pedlow, State HR Manager/National IR Consultant, MSS Security 

5:00pm Day one concludes


DAY TWO: Thursday 26th May 2016


Registration and Coffee

9.00am KEYNOTE Being a frank and fearless advisor in the c-suite 

It’s the role of the HR director to provide the CEO and executive team with candid and pragmatic advice, even when the truth hurts. This session will explore the role of the HR director as the honest truth-teller in a leadership team.

  • being cross-functional and commercially savvy
  • keeping it real – having courageous conversations in the c-suite
  • balancing the benefits of achieving consensus with the dangers of ‘groupthink’ 

Joanne Fox, Chief Human Resources Officer, Santos 

9:45am Turning competent middle-managers into excellent leaders 

The creation a team of capable leaders is the cornerstone of HR success. HRD Magazine recently asked Australia’s top HR directors what they would like their professional legacy to be and the overwhelming response was that HRDs want to create a team of capable people managers.

  • How to get managers to confidently lead by example and in turn empower their staff to fulfil their professional dreams
  • Getting middle-managers on board with HR strategies 
  • Educating managers to work cross functionally

Caroline Hofman, Head of HR WA, Qantas Airways Limited


Morning refreshments break​

11:00am Creating a culture of ‘light and warmth’ at Hilton

Hilton Worldwide is  renowned for its world-class guest service, deriving from Conrad Hilton’s Vision, “ to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality”. How can HR cultivate and maintain consistent levels of service across 4,600 hotels around the world?

  • Inside Hilton’s global leadership development programs
  • Creating a culture that rewards quality, growth, and opportunity
  • How Hilton’s value-driven culture drives superior customer service and performance
  • Making it local – turning global international HR strategies into local programs

Anne McLean, Director of Human Resources, Hilton Hotels Worldwide

11:45am Overcoming resistance and gaining support for HR initiatives 

As the pace of technology advances, we know that future commercial success in any sector will be linked to an organisations ability to capitalise upon the disruption that will be inevitably experienced as the pace of technological development continues to move at warp speed.  This requires a “disrupt” or “be disrupted” attitude, which challenges all that we know about classic HR practices. In a context where it is difficult to predict what the future holds, how do we set up the environment, build the psychological contracts and structure ways of working, if we are not able to reinvent ourselves, we will find ourselves becoming increasingly irrelevant as the pace of change outstrips our ability to keep up. 

  • Reinventing the HR function to remain relevant in a digital age
  • People are people the world over, but what is changing and what is staying the same in employee psychology and mindsets.

Caroline Davies, Head of HR Australia, Cape

Creating a culture of recognition

An excellent reward and recognition program goes beyond the provision of monetary rewards. It fosters a culture of praise, gratitude, loyalty, celebration and high performance.

  • Non-monetary awards – how to ensure they’re not perceived as tokenistic
  • Interactive and engaging communication campaigns that continuously educate and engage employees
  • Ensuring that your reward and recognition program has components that motivate all sections of the workforce, not just the high performers
Mas Bianchi, Head of People and Culture, Communicare 


Networking lunch 


Prize Draw 

2:00pm Developing HR capability - Are we ready to meet future business challenges?

        The HR profession has struggled to gain credibility with CEOs and Boards. Why is this?  What are the gaps?  As CEOs demand the same rigour from HR Directors as CFOs and COOs, how should the HR profession respond?  

  • What capabilities should HR develop to increase our contribution to the business?
  • Roadmap for HR capability development and career planning
  • Thought provoking challenges for us all to contemplate as HR professionals

Bruce McCowan, Principal Consultant, Mango Group

2:45pm The art of creating a viral recruitment campaign

It’s no secret that there is skills shortage in many areas of the Australian economy. HR teams are working harder and thinking more creatively to secure the best and brightest employees. How do you make your recruitment campaign stand out?

  • Branded marketing, campaign marketing and social content marketing online
  • What’s your story? Using storytelling to tell candidates about your company culture 
  • How best to use your employee as ambassadors to drive applications

Jon Bowker, National Talent Acquisition Manager, KPMG

3:30pm End of Conference


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