PANEL: Creating a personalised employee experience

Jun 17, 2020

1:30 pm

We are shifting from viewing our workforce as a collective to appreciating and embracing the uniqueness of individuals. Accordingly, HR will be shifting focus from an employee experience to individual experience.

  • Educating employees to discover their personal strengths, passions and purpose
  • Facilitating high communication between departments, greater involvement with staff family and passions, and a focus on career development for staff
  • Solutions that apply personalisation wisely in a scalable way
  • Taking a holistic approach that sees employees as whole people and aims to ensure the best for each
  • Examples of highly connected and very personalised people management strategies
  • Pia Engstrom


    HR Dept, Western Suburbs Perth

  • Holly Barnes

    Head of People & Culture


  • Jessica Foo

    HR Country Manager

    TSA Group Australia

  • Rita Nachef

    Group Human Resources Manager

    Tenfold Investments

  • Matthew Thomas

    General Manager, People & Culture

    Racing and Wagering Western Australia

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