9:00 am

HR SPOTLIGHT: HR leadership in the future

We live in an increasingly dynamic and fluid world. As workplaces transform, employees are demanding more flexibility and technology is promising to liberate HR departments from transactional tasks. What will HR roles look like in the future?

  • Preparing your workforce for future challenges and opportunities
  • What does the future hold for progressive and flexible work options and benefits?
  • How can we guide and support teams for a future that is uncertain?
Sandra de Kock

General Manager, People & Culture, Perth Airport

11:00 am

Using HR Data to Drive Decision Making

HR leaders increasingly need to think ‘big picture’ and analyse HR data to drive decision making. In the future, how will HR teams use data to tell stories?

  • Making connections across data and information to inform successful decision making
  • Using data and analytics to influence stakeholders at all levels
  • How to shape data into a narrative to help reveal findings, trends or underlying patterns
  • Using linked visualisations to explain how and why HR data changes over time
  • How can we use data to think differently about the employee experience?
Chris Purdy

Director of Talent and Culture - Shared Services & Art Series, Apartments & Leases, Accor

12:30 pm
1:30 pm

PANEL: Creating a personalised employee experience

We are shifting from viewing our workforce as a collective to appreciating and embracing the uniqueness of individuals. Accordingly, HR will be shifting focus from an employee experience to individual experience.

  • Educating employees to discover their personal strengths, passions and purpose
  • Facilitating high communication between departments, greater involvement with staff family and passions, and a focus on career development for staff
  • Solutions that apply personalisation wisely in a scalable way
  • Taking a holistic approach that sees employees as whole people and aims to ensure the best for each
  • Examples of highly connected and very personalised people management strategies


Pia Engstrom

Director, HR Dept, Western Suburbs Perth


Holly Barnes

Head of People & Culture, Moodle

Jessica Foo

HR Country Manager, TSA Group Australia

Rita Nachef

Group Human Resources Manager, Tenfold Investments

Matthew Thomas

General Manager, People & Culture, Racing and Wagering Western Australia

2:30 pm

C-suite and boardroom dynamics and executive skills for today’s HR leader

Hear from Jo Cairns as she weighs in on the practical realities of strategy-making, conflict resolution and alliance-building in the c-suite and boardroom.

  • Negotiating and influencing skills for HR leaders in the executive team
  • Conflict management at the highest level — creating unity while encouraging diversity of thought
  • Guiding the executive team through ethical dilemmas
  • Seat at the Table: HR as trusted advisor and strategist
Jo Cairns

Executive General Manager, People & Safety

3:30 pm

CASE STUDY: Communicating and driving cultural change

As businesses change, cultural change becomes essential for survival. And now more than ever, HR is steering the ship of change.

  • Encouraging communication and problem-solving within and between departments
  • Influencing employees and managers away from having fixed mindsets
  • Encouraging people to be open to ideas and feel ownership of cultural change
  • Building leadership capability to drive cultural change
  • Driving cultural change as a steady piece of work, not a big bang approach
  • Encouraging employees to stop, think, and internalise cultural change programs
  • Promoting the values that drive better performance and help overcome outdated behaviours
Jo Christie

Executive Officer People, Culture and Brand, Bethanie

Catherine Walker

General Manager, Organisational Capability, Bethanie

4:15 pm

Workshop: Authentic HR leadership

This interactive workshop will help you to create a culture that is respectful, dynamic and resilient, while drawing strength from diversity.

  • Ensuring that the senior management team possess and display the integrity, commitment and values that the organisation promotes and instils in its workforce
  • Setting and modelling the culture, values and behaviours under which the entire organisation will operate
  • Dealing with challenging ethical dilemmas and scenarios that test your leadership
Gwilym Davies

Director, Gwilym Davies HR Consultancy

8:50 am

Opening Remarks

Belinda Honey

Executive Director, Mapien

9:00 am

Keynote Session: Leading your HR strategy 2020: Shaping culture and leadership

This session will inspire you to develop, manage, lead and evaluate your HR programs with the confidence that you need to succeed.

  • Developing your strategic HR priorities in line with your corporate goals
  • Building support for your HR programs at all levels of the organisation, starting at the top
  • Keeping managers and employees engaged throughout your strategic journey
  • Making connections across data and information to inform successful decision making
  • Building a culture and skillsets that will help your organisation to evolve and thrive
Linda Carroll

Head of People & Culture, Affinity Education Group, Winner: HR Director of the Year 2019

11:00 am

PANEL: Leading a flexible and remote workforce

As workplaces become more agile, HR professionals will become the essential bond that keeps the team cohesive and provides employees with a sense of belonging. How do you foster collaboration, teamwork, agility and cohesion in an increasingly remote work environment?

  • Managing remote, virtual and outsourced employees from an HR perspective
  • Successful HR programs that support gig economy workers and contractors
  • Communication strategies to create a cohesive culture in a remote and virtual world
  • HR programs that combine targets and metrics with flexible work arrangements
  • Next level: what type of workplace flexibility will employers offer in the next five years?
  • Balancing the flexibility of remote working with the benefits of face-time and international relocation
  • Comparing flexible work arrangements and remote work arrangements around the Asia Pacific region
  • Managing a geographically diverse regional workforce - how much 'face time' is required for effective leadership?


Adrian Robinson

Partner, Brainbox Advisory Pty Ltd


Sarah Bagshawe

National People and Safety Manager – Offshore and Remote, Compass Group

Jessica Blackwell

Head of People and Culture, Perth Festival

Sally Pedlow

General Manager, People & Culture, SECURECorp

12:00 pm
1:00 pm

CASE STUDY: Driving a continuous learning culture to support your organisation’s business goals

Companies need to be agile in order to survive. Similarly, L&D departments must be prepared to develop capability learning programs to support changing business strategies.

  • Aligning your L&D initiatives with your organisation’s business goals
  • Understand what drives continuous learning culture at Westrac
  • Strategies implemented by Westrac to assist employees for future leadership roles
Jill Fairweather

Head of Learning & Development, Westrac

1:45 pm

Supporting career development within an agile work structure

The world is moving quickly. Progressive organisations are responding by transforming hierarchical structures into agile teams. Now more than ever, being quick, agile and responsive is everything. But how do we offer career development and certainty in this new dynamic and flat structure?

  • Agile strategies, structures, people, processes and technology
  • Shifting away from hierarchical, command and control leadership structure
  • What does a non-hierarchical approach to career development look like?
  • Enabling talent to move around to gain experience on different projects continue learning
  • What career progression can we provide in a lean, low hierarchy environment?
Sandie Beaumont

General Manager - HR, Anchor Foods

3:00 pm

PANEL: Creating strong middle managers and supervisors

Execution of HR programs and business strategies often takes place at the mid-level and supervisory level. While HR teams develop HR programs, it is the line managers, supervisors, and middle managers who can really make things happen. How can we make sure that middle managers are aligned, coached and trained to succeed?

  • Which HR and L&D programs can best cultivate human and soft skills in managers and supervisors?
  • How to coach leaders and managers to build their emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Proven HR strategies that help leaders and managers to become thoughtful, authentic and inclusive


Damien Hutchens

Director, RethinkHR


Matthew Hammond

Manager Human Resources, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Cameron Marshall

Senior People & Culture Advisor, Performance, Fremantle Ports

Paul Marshall

Group HR Director, Howard Porter/Steelbro

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